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"One of the nicest characteristics of the average aero-modeller is his sense of humour. Rarely does one meet aero-modellers without this valuable asset."

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AeroModeller 1941/08 August
D.A. Russell (Ed.)
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., Leicester
August  1941
Magazine, 60 pages

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About this title

Vol. 6, No. 69
Incorporating the "Model Aeroplane Constructor"

A Fuselage Jig - H. Frick
The Reynolds Number - R.H. Warring
"Cabin Biplane" Model - R. Downes
Low-Wing Models - Howard Boys
Questions - And Answers
The "A.M." Cabin Duration Model - W.A. Dean
Gadget Review - M.R. Knight
How to Determine the Centre of Your Model
38 in. Step-Wing Model - D. Gooby
"Leave it to George2 - C.A. Rippon
Fighting Aircraft of the Present War, VII - H.J. Cooper
The Blackburn "Botha" I
Club News
Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers

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