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"Radio control has perhaps shown the greatest advance of all branches during the past twelve months. Adequate support by the trade has provided ever lighter equipment, so that the early mammoth models have been largely replaced by designs of more modest size little larger in wing are than a Wakefield."

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AeroModeller Annual 1951
AeroModeller Annual
D. J. Laidlaw-Dickson & D. A. Russell (Eds.)
The Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., Leicester
Book, 154 pages

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About this title

A review of the year's aeromodelling throughout the world in theory and practice; together with useful data, contest results and authoritative articles, produced by staff and contributors of the Aeromodeller.

Introduction - Festival Of Aeromodelling
Half Pint - Class A Team Racer
IS-5 - Polish Scale Canard Slope Soarer
Bolide - Forward Fin Italian Power Contest Winner
Hobby Club Cruiser - Dutch Intermediate Sailplane
TP-82 - Elegant Pylon Power From Jugoslavia
Supersonic Wing - All Balsa Jetex 50 Chuck Glider
Norassym - Asymmetric Wing A/2 Sailplane From France
JIP-26 - Czech Outline Fuselage Power Design
GSV-23 - Italian Pylon Power Model
Super Phoenix - Leading U.S. Contest Power Winner
Tiger Rag - Italian Champion Version Of Phoenix
Iota - Norwegian Power Model For 1 c.c. Engines
Little Pigeon - Fullsize Plans Of French Small Space Rubber Duration
Bebe Jodel - French Low Wing Scale Power For Small Engines
Bachibouzouk - French Rubber Powered Biplane
Quest - Famous American Team Racer
Dutch A/2 Miscellany
The Little Ship - Lightweight R/C Model From U.S.A.
U-3 Czech Speed Control Liner: Old Joe - Italian Jet
P-38 Lightning - Italian Scale Control Liner
Dagmar - Czech Bowlus Type Sailplane
Opel's First Rocket Plane - Jetex Scale Model
Russian Absolute Duration Power World Record Holder
Pagan - Semi-Scale Sport/Stunt Model
Attila III - Winner Of Jugoslav International Power Contest
P-63 - Jugoslav Microfilm: Mucha - Czech Microfilm
Russian Contest Rubber Model With Folding Prop
Torbellino Ii - Sailplane From Spain
Crowbar 56 - Dual Paa-Load Winner From U.S.A.
Rocek - Czech Glider: At-20-6 - Jugoslav Canard A/2
Hatchet-Type Polish Power: B-6 - Czech Canard Glider
Marsouin - French "Liberation Cup" Glider Winner
Meise - High Performance Austrian Sailplane
Grumman Tigercat - Scale Control Liner From Italy
Colibri - German Stick Microfilm: Dutch Power Record Holder
The Half-Shot - U.S. Pylon Power In Two Sizes
U.S. Flying Boat Design
Cargo Clipper - New U.S. Contest Design
B-55 Goncol - Hungarian Contest Rubber Model
German Gliders To A/2 And A/I Formulae
Tailless Rubber Model - Poland: Italian Stunt C/L Winner
Praga Baby - Scale Power Model Of Czech Light Aircraft
New Hungarian Diesel Engine: Sports Power From Poland
Belgian A/2 Sailplane Placed In Jugoslavia
Figaro - Japanese Wakefield Design
Humming Bird - Japanese Seaplane Model
Don Juan - Japanese Wakefield Winner
Valentin The Birdman - Parachutist Model
1951 Radio Control Review By H. G. Hundleby
Engine Analysis
Rubber Trends By C. S. Rushbrooke
Swiss Models Of The Year
Gears For Wakefields By Ron Warring
Jetex Powered Flying Scale Models By Phil Smith
Multi-Engined Scale Control Liners
National Model Aircraft Governing Bodies
Thunderwing - Successful Powered Flying Wing By Don Broggini, U.S.A.
Team Racing Of The Year By Ron Moulton
First World Speed And Third European Championships At Knokke
Swedish Glider Cup And Jugoslav Power Trophy At Lesce Bled
International Wakefield Trophy Contest 1951
Contest Results - 1951
British National And World Model Aircraft Records

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