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"This book tells you all about the design and construction of all sorts of sea-going model boats. It has been written by a man who perhaps knows as much about the subject as anyone, and what he says he has learnt from practical experience at sea."

About this Title

Model Boat Construction
Harvey A. Adam
Percival Marshall & Co. Ltd., London
Book, 118 pages

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About this title

"This book is primarily intended as an aid for the newcomer to model boat building. In taking the stage by stage construction of a typical model power boat, from the drawing board to completion, the book intends to present the fundamental principles of model boat building so that the novice will have no difficulty in constructing any of the models which have been dealt with in detail in the latter part. It is also presented to the experienced modeller as a reference book and as a summary of the author's own model boat building experience during the last 25 years."

Well illustrated with many illustrations and black & white photographs.

General Discussion
Choice of Materials
Metal Fittings
Engine Bearers, Exhaust Systems, Fuel Tanks, Couplings
Propellers, "P" Brackets, Rudders, Simple Steering Device
Scales, Drawing Instruments, Transfer of Drawings, Power Units, Construction of a Typical Model Motor Cruiser
Painting and Finishing Model Boats
16" Sharpie
18" Clinker-built Dinghy
20" Ventnor Type Hydroplane
30" Cabin Cruiser and 30' Runabout
71' 6" British Power Boat M.T.B. and 80' Elco P.T. Boat
Navigation and Sailing of Model Boats

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This is a fantastic book. I tracked one down and bought myself a physical copy (it was NOT cheap).
dfritzke - 09/12/2016
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