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"Quite recently, an article in a leading journal devoted to flight, discussing the subject of setting about to design an aeroplane, gives the following instructions and no more: "The only way to commence is to start by guessing, and then follow on by modifying the values chosen until a reasonable agreement is obtained", a quotation which displays the chaotic state of the art at this date."

About this Title

Flying Machines: Practice and Design
Rankin Kennedy
Technical Publishing Co. Limited, London
Book, 176 pages

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About this title

An early introduction to the general technical principles of airplane design and construction. Over 60 illustrations and drawings.

"This small work is offered as a general review of the flying machine problems, and an attempt has been made to lay down the elements of the aeroplane machine's design and construction, and its natural and fundamental principles. This has not hitherto been done in such a way as to enable a designer to proceed in a methodical manner."

I: Introductory
II: Principles of Flying Machines
III: Practical Flying Machines
IV: Possible Flying Machines
V: Starting Up Aeroplanes
VI: Miscellaneous Appliances
VII: Materials for Construction of Flying Machines
VIII: Dirigible Balloons
IX: Notes on Air Pressures, Wind, and Atmosphere
X: Practical Engineering of Flying Machines
Examples of Calculations
Conversion Tables

Written in Glasgow, Scotland; published in London, England; this copy ended up in San Franciso, California, the property of one John S. Prell, civil and mechanical engineer and author of various technical books.

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