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Model Boats Plans Handbook 1985

Model Boats Plans Handbook 1985 - cover thumbnail  

"Different modellers need different drawings - an experienced builder is less likely to require constructional guidance than a complete beginner. On the other hand, some beginners can tackle a sophisticated model as as first effort and make a splendid job of it; it depends on what sort of beginner."

Model Boats Plans Handbook 1985
Argus Specialist Publications Ltd., Hemel Hempstead
Book, 64 pages

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About this title

"Plans Handbook 2: Model Boats"

Comprehensive listing of plans featured in Model Boats magazine:
Sailing Models; Static Sailing Craft; non-class Yachts; Class Yachts; Yacht Accessories; Tugs; Trawlers; Lifeboats; Paddle Steamers; Service Launches; Semi-Scale Ships; Latest Designs; Workboats; Ships (Scale); Warships; Submarines; Landing Craft; Hovering Craft; Waterline Drawings; Cabin Cruisers; Semi-Scale Sport Models; Hydroplanes; Straight Runners; Airscrew Hydroplanes; R/C Electric models; R/C Power Speed & Steering Models; Multi & Offshore Racing Power Models; Hydroplanes; Unorthodox; Unusual Vehicles; Working Cars; Prototype Car Plans

Scaling Plans
Model Yacht Classes
Working from Lines
Hull Construction
Engine Selection

Fully illustrated in black & white.

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Model Boats Plans Handbook 1985
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User comments:

Thought we'd include this model boats handbook for a bit of a change. Hope no one minds!
Mary - 17/05/2016
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