Aircraft Year Book, 3-View Drawings 1903-1946 (RCL#1372)

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"No claims are made for the accuracy of the information. However these books are highly acclaimed by many aviation historians and at times may be the only source of information on some of the rarer aircraft."

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Aircraft Year Book, 3-View Drawings 1903-1946
J. W. McDonald
John W. McDonald, Kansas
Book, 278 pages

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About this title

936 drawings of American Aviation: Airships, Autogiros, Balloons, Biplanes, Flying Boats, Gliders, Civilian Light Planes, Civilian Commercial, Military from Before WW1, all with original captions.

"The material in this book represents 27 years of Aircraft Year Book drawings, captions and charts. The Aircraft Year Book series was first published in 1919 by the Manufacturers Aircraft Association as an annual publication describing the progress and recording the events in American aviation in the previous year. In 1921 3-view drawings were included to help illustrate the historical design section going back to 1903 and the Wright Brothers. In 1922 the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce Inc. took over the publishing and continued the 3-view drawings through 1947."

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Aircraft Year Book, 3-View Drawings 1903-1946
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