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RCM 1968/07 July

RCM 1968/07 July - cover thumbnail  

"The Classic system uses a receiver of the superhetrodyne type. Much has already been written about superhetrodyne receivers so I won't spend too much time explaining the more elementary features. I will attempt to carry the interested reader through the receiver, stage by stage, applying only enough theory as is necessary for a basic understanding of signal flow."

RCM 1968/07 July
Don Dewey (Ed.)
R/C Modeler Corporation, California
July  1968
Magazine, 66 pages

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About this title

Volume 5, Number 7

Aero Commander 100 - R. Jess Krieser
Sting Ray - Dean Hawks
RCM Classic: Part IV - Ed Thompson
RCM Product Report - George Harris
R/C in Czechoslovakia - Leo Lichtblau
Flight Training Course: Part II - H.L. Stroup
Heathkit Digital 5: Part II - Bernie Murphy
South African 'Fly-Day' - Jack Immelman

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Note this title is part of a group series of scans (RCL-RCM-001) which use a particular method of scanning: any printed pages that contain only advertising copy are not scanned. This is reflected in the total page count. Scan page count will thus differ from page count of the original printed matter.


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RCM 1968/07 July
Submission date: 06/05/2016
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User comments:

This scan is missing pages 19 - 24. Would you like these missing pages? I can scan my issue copy, and email you these scans in jpg format. Will this work for you?
Rudy - 07/05/2016
Yes please Rudy, that would be fantastic :) Many thanks.
Mary - 07/05/2016
RCM July 1968: I've replaced the previous file with a better one that includes pages 19-24. Many thanks to Rudy for scanning and sharing the missing pages :)
Mary - 07/06/2016
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