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Patent: Remotely Powered Propulsion and Control [Stanzel]

Patent: Remotely Powered Propulsion and Control [Stanzel] - cover thumbnail  

"This invention has for an important object the provision of electrically powered propulsion mechanism for model aircraft wherein the electric motor and power supply therefor is located at a distance from the craft so that the weight of such mechanism does not affect the craft in flight."

Patent: Remotely Powered Propulsion and Control [Stanzel]
US No. 3,018,585
Victor Stanzel
January  1962
Patent, 5 pages

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About this title

Application for patent filed February 28 1958; patent granted January 30 1962.

"Heretofore it has been customary to operate model aircraft by means of rubber band motors, high speed internal combustion engines, or the like, mounted directly on the craft. When operated by such means the movements of the craft in flight are very difficult to control. It has not been feasible to operate model aircraft by the use of electrical power due to the relatively great weight of the motor and electrical power supply source required.

An object of the invention is to provide an electrically powered model aircraft of sufficiently light weight to allow the craft to be aerodynamically self supporting by its own wings at relatively low forward speeds and which may be operated by electrical power from a source remote from the craft."

Victor Stanzel, together with his brother Joe, set up the Stanzel model manufacturing company in the early 1930s and were pioneers in the field of control-line flying. Read more about their significant contribution to aeromodelling on the AMA Model Aviation Hall of Fame webpage www.modelaircraft.org/museum
The Stanzel Model Aircraft Museum also has an excellent website, definitely worth a look www.stanzelmuseum.org

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Patent: Remotely Powered Propulsion and Control [Stanzel]
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User comments:

I had one! Mine wasn't an airplane, but a small helicopter, with a more rigid cable from the handle, about 4 feet from the model. The handle, which you could turn to control the angle of flight, contained two flashlight batteries and a small motor which spun a cable to drive the blades. A small gearbox below the blades reduced RPM and added power. Yes, you could get it to hover by pulsing the switch on the flashlight housing. To tell the truth, it wasn't all that great, once you managed to fly it in a circle and hover around a bit, boredom set in. Mine died a merciful death when old batteries leaked inside the handle....
DougSmith - 02/05/2016
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