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Scale Aircraft Drawings, Volume 1 - World War I

Scale Aircraft Drawings, Volume 1 - World War I - cover thumbnail  

"The time-scale of this book represents the period in history when aviation was born. There were no rules. In many cases pilots were self-taught and their airplanes were handmade creations of fabric, wood, and dreams."

Scale Aircraft Drawings, Volume 1 - World War I
Dan Santich (Ed.)
Air Age, Inc., Wilton, CT
Book, 151 pages

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About this title

Superb collection of scale drawings of WWI aircraft, engines and armaments. The drawings are the work of "master illustrators", including Wylam, Nye, Larsen and Karlstrom. Also features many examples of early aviation photography.

"For the scale modeler, this book is invaluable. For the historian, it's a collector's dream. For the aviation-minded, modeler or not, it's a fascinating collection of winged history."


Albatros DI to DVI; Ansaldo SVA-1; Antoinette VII; Armstrong-Whitworth FK8; Bleriot XI; Boeing MB-3A; Bristol F2B Fighter; Chance Vought VE-7, VE-9, & UO-1; Curtiss Jenny JN-4 - JN-6H; Curtiss Model D; deHavilland DH1; deHavilland DH4; Foikker DrI Triplane; Fokker DVII; Fokker EV/DVIII; Hansa-Brandenburg CI; Hansa-Brandenburg W29; Junkers DI; Loening M-8; Nieuport Nighthawk; Pfalz DIII; Pfalz DXII; RAF SE5a; RAF SE5a Squadron Markings; Salmson Bomber 2 A2; Siemens-Schuckert DIV; Sopwith Camel; Sopwith Dolphin 5F1; Sopwith Snipe 7F1; Spad SVII C1; Spad SXIA-2; Spad SXIII C1; Standard J-1; Thomas Morse S-4B, C, & E; Wright 1903 Flyer, Model A, & Model B

Clerget; Hispano-Suiza; Mercedes 160hp & 180 hp; Siemens-Halske

Lewis Machine Gun; Vickers Machine Gun; Air Bombs

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Scale Aircraft Drawings, Volume 1 - World War I
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Yikes! I've just realised there's a huge chunk of this book missing. I know where to find it and will upload it asap. Apologies if you've already downloaded the files.
Mary - 26/04/2016
Fixed it :) Fourth file added - part D. Thanks to BK (aka The Electric Book Company) and his website therealmidori.com
Mary - 26/04/2016
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