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Theory and Practice of Model Aeroplaning

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"Model Aeroplaning is an Art in itself."

Theory and Practice of Model Aeroplaning
V. E. Johnson
E. & F. N. Spon, Ltd., London
Book, 230 pages

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About this title

Highly detailed introduction to aeromodelling, written in the very early days of the sport. Well illustrated with line drawings and some fascinating black & white photos.

"The object of this little book is not to describe how to construct some particular kind of aeroplane; this has been done elsewhere: but to narrate in plain language the general practice and principles of model aeroplaning. There is a science of model aeroplaning - just as there is a science of model yachting and model steam and electric traction, and an endeavour is made in the following pages to do in some measure for model aeroplanes what has already been done for model yachts and locomotives. To achieve the best results, theory and practice must go hand in hand."

I. The Question of Weight
II. The Question of Resistance
III. The Question of Balance
IV. The Motive Power: Rubber Motors; Other Forms of Motors
V. Propellers or Screws
VI. The Question of Sustenation. The Centre of Pressure
VII. Materials for Aeroplane Construction
VIII. Hints on the Building of Model Aeroplanes
IX. Steering of the Model
X. Launching of the Model
XI. Helicopter Models
XII. Experimental Records
XIII. Model Flying Competitions
XIV. Useful Notes, Tables, Formulae, etc
APPPENDIX A. Some models which have won medals at open competitions.

The final 61 pages of this book comprise: "A short list of Scientific Books published and sold by E. & F. N. Spon, Limited" i.e. a catalogue of somewhat similar publications.

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