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"During the summer I was surprised to find how difficult it was to fly gliders in Torquay. Most days were windy or else the wind was blowing out to sea. However, I decided to build a ship to fly in the highest breeze Torquay could offer. The result was a highly efficient glider."

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AeroModeller 1941/04 April
D.A. Russell (Ed.)
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd.
April  1941
Magazine, 57 pages

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About this title

Vol. VI, No. 65
Incorporating the "Model Aeroplane Constructor"

Tow-Line Glider - J.W. Jackson
"Aircraft Identification" - Section 2
Rubber - R.H. Warring
Mechanics of Gas Engines, V - C. Williams
Henschel Hs. 126 - D.J. Miller
In Support of My Case for the Biplane - Arnold Wathew
Aerodynamic Formula (6) - A.H. Smith
Wing Underneath - M.R. Knight
Retracting Undercart for Wakefield and Duration Models - M.C. Crooke
Geoff's Wakefield - Samuel Hodd
Fighting Aircraft of the Present War, III - H.J. Cooper
Build This Most Efficient Flying Machine - Frederick Bontoff
Some Uses of Aluminum Milk Bottle Caps and Tin Foil - J. Swain
A Sensitive Beam Scale - C.F. Crompton
Calling All Air Cadets - C.A. Rippon

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