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Stunt Control-Line Flying

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"The actual definition of a stunt model is a little difficult to lay down. A stunt model should be capable of all or nearly all the possible control-line manoeuvres as listed later on. The limiting factor is more often the pilot than the model itself, for advanced stunt work does demand considerable skill, which is gained only by constant practice."

Stunt Control-Line Flying
R.H. [Ron] Warring
Percival Marshall & Co. Ltd., London
Book, 99 pages

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About this title

Published c. 1948/49. No publication date given in the book: pg 133 refers to the "latest stunt schedule listed by the SMAE for the 1949 flying season"; pg 174 says "figures are representative of current practice up to the end of 1948".

A comprehensive study of stunt control-line flying, by one of the aeromodelling greats, Ron Warring. In the introduction, Warring refers to a previous volume "Book 1", which seems to be a more general introduction to control-line flying. I can't find any information about this other book. Can any of our readers enlighten me?

I. Introduction
II. Design for Stunt
III. Design Layout
IV. Airframe Construction
V. Motors
VI. Tanks
VII. Operation
VIII. Stunt Schedules
IX. The Wingover and Loop
X. Advanced Manoeuvres
XI. Inverted Flight Manoeuvres

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Stunt Control-Line Flying
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User comments:

Hi Mary I have this book and I dated it 1948, read page 174, on 133 page there is a prevision.
Pit - 21/04/2016
I've revised it to c. 1948/49, to be on the safe side!
Mary - 21/04/2016
Hi Mary, the series of R. Warring control-line books is composed of three volumes, 1. control-line Flying 1948 (dated regularly) 2. stunt control-line no date (1948 presumed) 3. Speed control-line no date (1948 presumed)
Pit - 30/04/2016
Hi there I actually have Book 1, that you refer to. It is titled 'Control-line flying', is published by Percival Marshall, and the Introduction by R. H. Warring is dated November 1948. Interestingly the Introduction starts: "This present book is the first of a series of three". I found this book very useful when I started back into CL flying after a 30 years hiatus.
PaulBarham - 30/04/2016
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