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Model Motors 1940

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"We believe this catalog fills a long-felt want among model fans. As your local dealer and source of all model supplies, we are happy to present this compact and beautifully illustrated guide for buyers."

Model Motors 1940
Hurleman Distrubuting Company, Philadelphia, Penna.
Catalogue, 31 pages

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About this title

Vintage catalogue, produced in 1940 by a local dealer in Philadelphia. Features motors and accessories suitable for airplane, marine and race car models. Useful for reference, both practical and historical.

"This issue has been compiled without any wish to suggest a particular motor for your use, but rather, to provide in handy and useful form, information regarding standard types of model motors now available. It is truly a 1940 catalog because some of the motors shown have just been announced by the manufacturers."

24 engines listed, with technical specifications and black & white photos.


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Model Motors 1940
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