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RCM 1968/04 April

RCM 1968/04 April - cover thumbnail  

"During this past month, so many things seemed to be happening simultaneously that chaos became firmly entrenched as the order of the day, rather than the exception. RCM is in the process of moving to its own building - our first and one which has been affectionately dubbed the RCM Mansion!"

RCM 1968/04 April
Don Dewey (Ed.)
R/C Modeler Corporation, California
April  1968
Magazine, 61 pages

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About this title


Volume 5, Number 4

You Can Design a Model for Kitting - Jim Davis
Banshee: Ducted Fan Delta - Captain C.W. Peake
Biplane Racing: RCM's New Event - Don Dewey
YAK-18PM - Colonel H.G. Bowers
RCM 'Classic' - Ed Thompson
Snoopy - Dick Hanson

Note this title is part of a group series of scans (RCL-RCM-001) which use a particular method of scanning: any printed pages that contain only advertising copy are not scanned. This is reflected in the total page count. Scan page count will thus differ from page count of the original printed matter.

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RCM 1968/04 April
Submission date: 18/04/2016
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User comments:

Hi Steve, There are 4 pages missing from this magazine, pages 17 to 20 which I would love to see having a fascination for ducted fan models. Hopefully they can be restored. Many thanks for an excellent site. Kind regards
Martin - 18/04/2016
Hi Martin - you're right. Unfortunately, it came in like that. Can anyone out there help with a scan of the missing pages?
Mary - 18/04/2016
Also missing page 73 and partial article for boat Snoopy.
hlsat - 19/04/2016
Help! I can't get hold of the person who originally sent this RCM to us. Has anyone out there got a paper copy of the issue, and would you be wiling to scan the missing pages for us? We'd be VERY grateful :)
Mary - 19/04/2016
Hi Mary - just a little bio on Bill Polvogt, illustrator of many RCM covers, like this one. Carl William (Bill) Polvogt, Jr was a well known commercial and cartoon artist in the Golden, Colorado area through the '70s and '80s. He died in 1993. Was a friend of one of the original "Royal Products" guys and was hired to be responsible for all of the "conceptual art'' for Royal (America) products, including insert artwork and posters, box and labeling artwork, as well as any artwork on plans and manuals that were isometric or angle views. However, he had nothing to do with planviews, design, construction drawings or development. Position: art dir., Tech. Publications, Chance Vought Aircraft Co., 1951-54; dir., Chas. B. Russell & Assoc., Dallas, Tex., 1954-. Contributor cartoons to *Sports Illustrated; Sat. Eve. Post* and other national magazines. It's worth reading the small description called "On The Cover" that is usually in the lower bottom of the contents page. You can find the name of many models (intended as girls) and their Miss Something title. Sometimes I find some of them are still around on social network with today's photo.
Pit - 21/04/2016
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