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Scale Models Warplane Special

Scale Models Warplane Special - cover thumbnail  

"We have prepared the Warplane Special with all aviation enthusiasts in mind. Whether you are a modeller of static, plastic models or flying scale aircraft, or whether yo are just an aircraft enthusiast, you will find this Special useful."

Scale Models Warplane Special
Ray L. Rimell (Ed.)
Model & Allied Publications Ltd., Hemel Hempstead
Book, 92 pages

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About this title

One-off special warplane edition from Scale Models magazine. Featuring articles, scale drawings, cutaways, black & white photos and colour plates for a wide variety of military aircraft.

BE2/12 Series - Ray Rimell
Fokker Drl Triplane - Paul S. Leaman
Sopwith F1 Camel - Ray Rimell
Handley Page Heyford - Bruce Robertson
Fairey Fulmar - Ian Huntley
Yugoslav Gustavs - Dragisa Brasnovic
Grumman Hellcat - Bruce Robertson
Convair Privateer - Godfrey Mangion
Hawker Sea Fury - Bruce Robertson
Handley Page Victor - Brucer Robertson
General Dynamics F16 - Tom Lynch

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Scale Models Warplane Special
Submission date: 15/04/2016
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User comments:

Sorry there are so many large files for this title. I was unable to compress it any further.
Mary - 15/04/2016
Sadly, the files will not download. Tried three different computers. Files crash after about 5 or 6 MB. Any other way to retrieve the files?
BK - 17/04/2016
I'm not sure what the problem is, as the files all download OK at this end. Is anyone else having difficulties? Maybe together we can work out what's going wrong?
Mary - 17/04/2016
Good afternoon from a sunny Tasmania. Thank you for magnificent resources in the plans section and now the book section. I have just downloaded the warplane special successfully with a minor glitch when part C failed but was successful when repeated.
CliveGriffiths - 19/04/2016
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