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Patent: Toy Aeroplane

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"The aeroplane herein described is composed almost entirely of paper, or its equivalents, the various parts being cut to a specific pattern, then folded to the desired dimensions, with suitable braces, reinforcements, and securing means, whereby it will retain its shape under comparatively severe usage."

Patent: Toy Aeroplane
US No. 1,299,465
Harry F. Henley
April  1919
Patent, 4 pages

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About this title

Application for patent filed December 7 1918; patent granted April 8 1919.

"The object of my present invention is to provide a toy aeroplane which will be attractive in appearance when in operation, adapted to give a maximum of amusement in practice, which will simulate an actual power-driven aeroplane in flight, and which can be manufactured and sold at a comparatively low price."

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Patent: Toy Aeroplane
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The Henley plane was really well-marketed. It sometimes still appears at auction.
Pit - 13/04/2016
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