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"I would not believe it possible, after more than forty active years in the model aircraft hobby and having read most every book written on the subject, that I could find another that could hold my interest for any reasonable period of time. I did however, with the Encyclopedia of Model Aircraft (Walter L. Schroder, Publisher Model Builder Magazine)"

About this Title

Encyclopedia of Model Aircraft
Vic Smeed (Ed.)
Octopus Books Limited, London
Book, 236 pages

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About this title

Comprehensive overview of aeromodelling, well illustrated with lots of diagrams and colour photographs. Includes 4 full size plans:
Asteroid Chuck Glider
Meteorite Tow-line Glider
Pulsar Control Line Power Model
Quasar Free Flight Power Model

1. History of Model Aircraft
2. Plastic Kits
3. Building in Plastic
4. Models in Other Materials
5. First Steps in Flight
6. Free Flight
7. Control Line
8. Radio Control Equipment
9. Radio-controlled Models
10. Electric Flight
11. Flying Scale Models
12. Materials and Building Techniques
13. Engines
14. How to Fly

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Encyclopedia of Model Aircraft
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There seems to be a few blank pages (77,100 etc,) in part B of Encyclopaedia of Model Aircraft. Am I doing something wrong?
Dhman - 09/04/2016
I'm not sure what the problem is. I've done a trial here and the file downloads and opens fine using two PCs and two browsers. The pages are quite slow to load - could it be that? Are you saving the file to your pc then opening it, or opening it in your browser to read? Sometimes that can change the way files appear depending on your browser (although I've also checked that option here and it still looks OK). We'd always recommending saving the files to your pc and opening it there. No one else has reported a problem yet, but can anyone out there shed any light on this?
Mary - 09/04/2016
Hello Mary, I always download and save to my PC and have not had any trouble before, I repeated the download and everything is fine, all the pages are displayed! It may be that trans-Atlantic crossing, my download speed is about 250 KB/sec max, maybe that was the problem. Anyway all is well, and thanks for your response.
Dhman - 11/04/2016
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