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Paper Plane Aerodynamics

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"While planes have become a necessary mode of transportation of everyday life, paper planes are receiving far less attention. But the seemingly simple flight of a paper plane also includes numerous unsolved problems."

Paper Plane Aerodynamics
Kaijie Chen & Wenxin Lai
Xiamen Foreign Language School, Fujian, China
Paper, 22 pages

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About this title

This brief but interesting study of paper plane aerodynamics won the Gold S-T Yau High School Physics Award in 2013. The competition is organised through Tsinghua University, Beijing but is open to high school students of Chinese descent from around the world. It is judged by a international panel of experts and to win is considered a prestigious honour. Find out more on their website msc.tsinghua.edu.cn

"Abstract: This paper takes into account a part of the elements affecting the flying distance of paper plane. We experimented and analyzed the effect of the angle of elevation, the location of the center of mass, the empenage and the aileron. These three factors influence the change of the angle of attack while the plane flies, thus influencing the flying distance."

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