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"Many articles have been written teaching the novice the elements of aerobatics, but this exposition is intended to carry on where most leave off and thus assumes the reader is already a a reasonably competent flier. What further steps are necessary to enable him or he to enter the competition field?"

About this Title

Control Line Aeromodeller
P. S. Richardson (Ed.)
Model & Allied Publications Ltd., Hemel Hempstead
Magazine, 76 pages

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About this title

"An AeroModeller Magazine Extra" - special edition of Aeromodeller.
Published c. 1978.

Foam for All
Trimming Procedures for Stunters
On the Line
Plastic Planes
Third Line Control
Experts Interviewed
Mini Slow by Dave Clarkson
Combat Design
Fuel Tanks for Stunters
Fly the Schedule
Hinging Methods
A Rose by Any Other Name
Fly-for-Fun Scale
A Little Piece of History
Classic Clarkson Quickies

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User comments:

Does anyone know the exact date this special edition was published?
Mary - 05/04/2016
It would have to be about 1977/1978 when Emil Rumpel held the World FAI speed championship title (he lost it following a pile up in the 1978 event in Liverpool).
Daithi - 09/04/2016
Thanks Daithi, that fits with my guestimate of c. 1978.
Daithi - 09/04/2016
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