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"Get out your mental slide rules and proportional dividers and daydream with us as we imagine ourselves recreating some of yesterday's airplanes in miniature. Hmmm, just think, no cabane struts to fuss with on that cute F9C-2 ... and it's a biplane, too ..."

About this Title

Best of Wylam, Book 4
Walter L Schroder (Ed.)
Air Age Inc., New York
Book, 68 pages

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About this title

Model Airplane News Presents The Best of Wylam, Book 4
Superb scale drawings by "genius of drafting pen and ink", William A. Wylam
Compiled and Produced by William [Bill] C. Northrop, Jr.

This book, the fourth in the Wylam series, concentrates on two airplane designers and manufacturers, Stinson and Curtiss.

Foreword - Bill Northrop

Junior Model SM-2; Junior Model S; Junior Details; Model R; Model SR; Model SR-5; Straight Wing; Model SR-6; Model 7, 8, 9, 10, Gull Wing; Gull Wing Details; Model SR 10-2; Gull Wing Cabin and Control Details; Airliner Model T; Airliner Model U

XF13C-1 & 2; SBC-3; F7C-1 Seahawk; F8C-4 Helldiver; F9C-2 Sparrowhawk; Model 33 and PW-8; A-12 Strike

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Dear friends there are some damaged files in your site, for instance The best of Wylam Book 4. Both parts are damaged and cannot be read. And Wylam drawings are very good as the base for flying scale models. Could you please repair it?
Drahoslav - 01/04/2016
I'm sorry you're having difficulties with some of the files, Drahoslav. I've just tested Best of Wylam 4, and both files download fine on the computers here. I can see they've been downloaded from the site by other people & yours is the first problem reported. More details might help - what happens when you try to download the files? Do they download but are unreadable, or do they not download at all? Has anyone else had similar difficulties? Any advice for Drahoslav and/ or me?
Mary - 01/04/2016
Hi Mary, many thanks for your advice. I tried to download the files by windows, and there the files were damaged. So I tried to use Google and the files were OK. Now I have complete documentation for many new models. I fly with the models which I have constructed. Best regards.
Drahoslav - 04/04/2016
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