DMI Katalog 1957-58 (RCL#1270)

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"De finder ikke en mere levende, interessant og morsom hobby."

"You couldn't find a more lively, interesting and amusing hobby."

About this Title

DMI Katalog 1957-58
Dansk Modelflyve Industri, Odense, Denmark
Catalogue, 16 pages

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About this title

Early catalogue from the Danish modelling company, DMI (Dansk Modelflyve Industri).
Great use of colour and simple illustrations, both on the cover and inside.

"Har De ikke foer beskaeftiget Dem med modelfly, saa start med det samme, f. eks. med en begyndermodel, saa gaar resten af sig selv."

"If model planes haven't interested you before, start right away with a beginner model and everything will fall into place."

My Danish isn't great! My son has helped with translation but he isn't an aeromodeller, so we've left out the technical data. If anyone wants to translate the rest of the content and send it in, I'll add it here.

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DMI Katalog 1957-58
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