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"To watch one of these fascinating little ships of the air, which you have fashioned and built with your own hands, actually rise from the earth and soar aloft with a swallow's swiftness, is perhaps the greatest boy's sport in the world."

About this Title

Boys' Book of Model Aeroplanes
Francis A. Collins
The Century Co., New York
October  1910
Book, 318 pages

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About this title

Early 20th century book about "the new sport for boys", model aeroplanes - "How to Build and Fly Them: With the Story of the Evolution of the Flying Machine"

Well illustrated with diagrams and black and white photos. The photos are particularly interesting - they're presumably some of the first pictures taken of aeromodellers and their planes.

Part I - Models: How to Build and Fly Them
I. The New Sport for Boys
II. Why the Aeroplane Flies
III. How to Build a Glider
IV. Building the Motor
V. Fine Points of Construction
VI. Simple Monoplane Models
VII. Elaborating the Monoplane
VIII. Building a Biplane
IX. Combining Monoplane and Biplane Forms
X. Faults and How to Mend Them

Part II - The History and Science of Aviation
I.The First Flying Machines
II. Developing the Aeroplane
III. The Wright Brothers' Own Story
IV. Aboard the Wrights' Airship
V. Other Aeroplanes Appear
VI. Successful Monoplanes
VII. Aerial Warfare
VIII. Sports of the Air, Aeroplanes

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