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"It was 1932 and a young modeler stood on the fringe of a crowd gathered at a small airport. He watched skyward as a small red ship dove and then streaked across the grass at eye level and with engine screaming zoomed almost straight up until it was small in the sky. In the tiny plane was a young flyer from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, who had dreamed and designed and built her."

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RCM 1967/08 August
Don Dewey (Ed.)
R/C Modeler Corporation, California
August  1967
Magazine, 65 pages

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About this title

Volume 4, No. 8

Steve Wittman's Bonzo - Owen Kampen
R/C Benson Gyrocopter - Willy Rolf
Georgia Cracker - Walt Mitchell
RCM Wing Jig - Frank Jepson
Precision Pattern Aircraft Design, Part IV - Jack Capehart & Ben Herman
Auto Pulser - Duane Hartman
Digitrio-Orbit Servo - Jack Albrecht
RCM Goes to Kelly AFB, Texas
Carolina Weekend - Bob Dance
Indestructible Balsa Fuselage - Bob Guilfoyle

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