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"Chuck Anderson's TERN is a remarkably well-designed .020 glider that will serve as the perfect introduction for the newcomer to powered flight, or as an 'easy-on-the-pocketbook' sport design for the single channel Sunday Flier."

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RCM 1967/06 June
Don Dewey (Ed.)
R/C Modeler Corporation, California
June  1967
Magazine, 61 pages

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About this title

Volume 4, No. 6

Sweek - Rex Taylor
Tern - Chuck Anderson
1967 Nationals Information
Foam Wings: Step By Step, Part I
Precision Pattern Aircraft Design, Part II - Jack Capehart & Ben Herman
Li'l Bandit, Part II - W.F. Hebestreit
Goodyear Racing, Part II
Dickie-Do - Dick Hanson

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