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"My main aim is to liberate the plastic modeller from the kit, to show him what can be done and to assure him that the satisfaction he may get from his kit model is nothing compared to that he would experience from 'free' modelling."

About this Title

Scale Model Aircraft in Plastic Card
Harry Woodman
Model & Allied Publications, Argus Books Limited
Book, 81 pages

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About this title

Comprehensive manual covering all aspects of using plastic sheet to construct scale model planes.

"The term 'plastic modelling' to most people means plastic kit modelling and whilst a section is included which deals with kits and methods of improving them, the book as a whole is concerned with the modelling of aeroplanes mostly of the early days of flying, using plastic materials, which is rather different. The scale model aircraft hobby is as old as the aeroplane itself, and the only new thing is the range of materials now available. The aim is to try to demonstrate how much more enjoyment and satisfaction can be obtained from the hobby by building models from the basic materials instead of assembling kits."

Plastic Kits
Improving Plastic Kits
Plastic Card Modelling
Models in Smaller Scale
Painting and Finishing

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Scale Model Aircraft in Plastic Card
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