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"Scratch a modeller and nine times out of ten you discover a mind a little brighter and more alert than the average."

About this Title

Working Models
Vic Smeed
Arco Publications, London
Book, 129 pages

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About this title

"Building models is something nearly every man or boy has tried at one time or another. In these days of prefabricated kits the opportunities are even greater. This book is for those, however, who prefer to select their own materials. It provides a variety of models, all built from standard, easily-obtainable materials, simple to build, but of good appearance and - most important - of good performance."

The Scope of Modelling
Tools and Materials
A 40 in. Sailplane
A 40 in. Power Sport Model
A Control-line Model for 1/2-1 cc.
A 24 in. Model Yacht
A Sailing Catamaran
Electric Car Racing
A Free-running Go-Kart
On Kites
An Electric Cabin Cruiser
An Electric Catamaran
HMS Lightning
A Hovering Craft
Simple Models
Radio Control

Fully illustrated instructions for each model.

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Working Models
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My copy of this book was lost in a heavy flood under my house a couple of years ago. I was able to navigate your website and downloaded the whole book! This has ended a long time of fruitless searching for simple models that have been tried and proven. Thanks again for your website.
ChrisGreen - 21/12/2019
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