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"Kite flying dates back to very ancient history. The Chinese, both children and grown people, have been flying kites for ages. Men of science have found some very practical uses for the frail structures of the air. These men have not only performed certain experiments by means of kites, but have developed considerable aerial craftsmanship."

About this Title

Construction and Flying of Kites
Charles M. Miller
The Manual Arts Press, Peoria, Illinois
Book, 36 pages

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About this title

'Manual Training Reprints': Series A, Number 1

This super vintage volume might just inspire you to tackle a different kind of flying project. It covers kite history, physics, construction and ends with advice on how to put on your own kite tournament - in case you get really carried away! Well illustrated with black and white photos and line drawings. A lovely example of early 20th educational literature.

The Manual Training Reprints series came about because "the persistent demand for certain numbers of the Manual Training Magazine has led to the conclusion that some of the articles in these magazines ought to be reprinted". The series was edited by Charles A. Bennett, Professor of Manual Arts, Bradley Polytechnic Institute, Peoria, Illinois. This book on kites was the first in the series.

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