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Patent: Connector Clip

Patent: Connector Clip - cover thumbnail  

"We have provided a connector which will be simple to apply to the glow plug tip and to one of the fins or any projection on the engine to start same, and after starting, to easily and quickly remove the connector."

Patent: Connector Clip
US No. 2,928,067
Dewey O. Broberg Jr & Leslie M. Fruh
March  1960
Patent, 3 pages

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About this title

Application for patent filed May 24 1956; patent granted March 8 1960.

"This invention relates in general to a detachable connector and in particular to a dual conductor connector clip adapted to be temporarily attached to a miniature gasoline internal combustion engine used in model airplanes or the like."

Dewey Broberg is the man behind the well-known company, Du-Bro Products Inc. He established the company in 1959; it is still owned and operated by the Broberg family today hobby.dubro.com.

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Patent: Connector Clip
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User comments:

Surely this patent will make the modellers smile! Like the lipstick in a lady's handbag, this item is always present in the field box of every modeller. And during their life they bought more than one. It's necessary to give current to the glow plug and start the engine - you can't go out without it. In the beginning it was developed using a common laundry clamp!
Pit - 02/02/2016
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