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"Our advice on flying has been learned the hard way by our staff who have all held the lines at some time or other with varying degrees of success. Starting as complete novices, everyone of them made exactly the same mistakes in approximately the same order. We feel justified in assuming that the average aeromodeller will be equally prone to find these same pitfalls in his turn."

About this Title

Control Line Model Aircraft
DJ Laidlaw-Dickson & DA Russell (Eds.)
Harborough, Leighton Buzzard, Beds
Book, 130 pages

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About this title

"An introduction to the popular sport of control line flying, with authoritative information on all aspects drawn form British and foreign sources, and the practical experience of the AEROMODELLER research staff."

The beginning of it all
Choice of a first model
Design considerations
The fuselage
Control systems, control plates, elevator horns and hinges
Undercarriages and dollies
Engines, cowlings and starters
Airscrews - practical and theoretical
Control lines, reels and handles
Elementary flying

Speed table
SMAE aerobatic contest scoring schedule
Typical Continental aerobatic scoring schedule
SMAE rules governing control line flying
Wire breakdown strains
SMAE draft scale model rules
FAI rules for control line speed records 1949
Anti-whip yoke pylon
Typical British commercial kits


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