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"Why The Dart III? It's like asking 'Why do we need a good five-cent cigar?' The Dart III concept originated out of the frustrations of a model builder who believed that the majority of radio control model airplanes being built and flown today are lacking both in creative design and construction."

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RCM 1967/01 January
R/C Modeler Corporation, California
Don Dewey (Ed.)
January  1967
Magazine, 67 pages

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About this title


Dart III - Captain Charles T. Winter, USAF
Shearwater - Ken Willard
Pitts Special - Nick Ziroli
RCM Painting Jig - Clark Ross
Emergency Parachute Deploy - Ralph Sawyer
Single Chanel Proportional Actuator - Jack Busch
Western Regional R/C Boat Meet

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User comments:

Sorry! Someone has pointed out that the Dart III plan and part of the article are missing. I've found both plan and article on Outerzone & will add them to this RCL magazine pdf later today. In the meantime, you can download them here: outerzone.co.uk/plan_details
Mary - 18/01/2016
Better version of the magazine now uploaded, without missing pages!
Mary - 18/01/2016
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