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Model Airplane News 1942/08 August

Model Airplane News 1942/08 August - cover thumbnail  

"Great and important subjects open up for study when the school adopts an aviation education program. Aviation has applications to biology, general science, physics, arithmetic, fine arts and industrial arts. We have only to consider what the airplane has done to change life all over the world to realize that it must be the subject of study in all schools."

Model Airplane News 1942/08 August
Model Airplane News
Charles Hampson Grant (Ed.)
Jay Publishing Corp., Mount Morris, Illinois
August  1942
Magazine, 65 pages

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About this title


Feature: The Rising Tide
Rubber Powered: 'Tiny' Model Hydro; Fly the 'Streak' to Victory; Mister Mulligan Joins the Navy
Gas Powered: Stratofly the Sunduster
Three View Plans: Mitsubishi Zero; North American B-25; Dornier DO217 E1
Plane on the Cover: Nippon Nemesis
Design: Modeling Your Future in Aviation
Science: The Physics of the Airplane

Direct submission to RCLibrary. This title appears on the site with the kind permission of Zoe Quilter and Colin Usher.


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Model Airplane News 1942/08 August
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User comments:

Hi Steve, This is a great issue of Model Airplane News with three classic models one could build. However, page 56 is missing and it would be useful to have if one is building a Sunduster, which I have been thinking about doing. Please keep up the great work!
SimonBlake - 13/01/2016
I guess this page was missing from the paper copy used for this scan. Does anyone out there have a copy of page 56 they could scan for us?
Mary - 13/01/2016
Hi Steve, I wanted to print out the Sunduster article but I couldn't and under "File/Security" it says that printing is not allowed. That's not very helpful.
SimonBlake - 13/01/2016
We get sent these scans by different people, some of whom use password protect for their own reasons. Agreed, it can cause problems. We've only just become aware of this. Now that we know about it, in future I'll check all files for passwords and if necessary convert them to a password free version. I'll convert this magazine (MAN 1942) later today and reupload it to RCL.
Mary - 13/01/2016
OK - new version uploaded, not password protected.
Mary - 13/01/2016
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