Radio Control Annual No. 5 (RCL#1141)

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"Radio Control Annual 5 continues the pattern set out by our Radio Control Manual series which commenced back in 1965. Since then, the 'Manuals' have chronicled the ever advancing state of the art in the radio controlled model hobby, following the emergence of new specialist interests and the vast improvements in radio control equipment."

About this Title

Radio Control Annual No. 5
Model & Allied Publications Ltd., Hemel Hempstead
Book, 75 pages

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About this title

Compilation of articles and plans from the 'Radio Control Manual' series.

R/C Engine Developments - Peter Chinn
Electrostatic Autopilot - Maynard Hill
All About Hi-Start - Ray Smith
Slope Soarer Aerobatics - Ken Willard
Electric Powered R/C Flight - Peter Bragg
Twin-Engined Models - Francis Plessier
Variometer for Model Use - Dave Dyer

Tiger Panzer, Swea'tater, Bob Cat, Snoopy, Lil'Plank, RCX4, Sea Vixen, Acro-Star, Quasoar, Cougar, Twin Hunter, Horton IVB, Sprinter, XP-40Q Snafu, Dreamer, Lake Buccaneer, Choucas, Diablo, Stephens Acro, DDT

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