RCM 1966/09 September (RCL#1139)

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"Would you believe a supersonic transport? A Graf Zeppelin? Would you believe a single-channel B-70 type canard? The latter is what we've got. This little fellow is not so little, being six feet long, yet it performs on single channel servos just like the big boys. The stability is phenomenal and the takeoffs put you in the Jet Set."

About this Title

RCM 1966/09 September
Don Dewey (Ed.)
R/C Modeler Corporation, California
September  1966
Magazine, 74 pages

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About this title

Vol. 3, No. 9

The Praying Mantis - Whitey Pritchard
Thunderstormer - Doug Spreng
Squire Mk II - Dick Thomas
How About that Antenna
Deluxe Transmitter Modifications
Greater Atlanta R/C Contest
Servo Installations - Ralph Sawyer
Delano Time Trials
R/C Sail Yachting

Note this title is part of a group series of scans (RCL-RCM-001) which use a particular method of scanning: any printed pages that contain only advertising copy are not scanned. This is reflected in the total page count. Scan page count will thus differ from page count of the original printed matter.

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RCM 1966/09 September
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User comments:

What happened to page 21 through 25 in the latest RCM downloadable issue? I thought that there should be a construction plan along with the article, am I wrong ?
Beppe - 07/01/2016
It's a good question! The person who scanned the RCM magazines and sent them to us didn't scan any pages which only contained adverts. Usually, no 'real' content (text or pictures) is lost. But this time the plan does seem to be missing. Does anyone out there have this issue of RCM? Could you scan the plan for us on page 22-23 and send it to RCL?
Mary - 07/01/2016
I've added the missing pages (21-25) to the magazine. Many thanks to Ray Jennings for scanning and sending them in :)
Mary - 13/01/2016
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