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"History tells us - what some of us luckier ones heard the Wright Brothers themselves tell - that the Wrights' active work in aeronautics was a result of the interest aroused by a toy helicopter presented to them by the Reverend Bishop Milton Wright, their father."

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Model Aeroplanes And Their Motors
George A. Cavanagh
Moffat, Yard & Company, New York
Book, 176 pages

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About this title

This "practical book for beginners" was published 100 years ago, in the very early days of aeromodelling as a sport. Full of useful construction tips as well as historical detail, it's a fascinating read. Personally, I was intrigued to learn that the first model aeroplane club in America was formed (in 1907) by a woman, Miss E.L. Todd. Well illustrated with drawings and black & white photographs.

Author: George A. Cavanagh, Model Editor "Aerial Age"
Illustrator: Harry G. Schultz, President of The Aero-Science Club of America
Introduction: Henry Woodhouse, Managing Editor "Flying" & Governor of the Aero Club of America

History of Model Aviation
World Record Models
Compressed Air Motor
Compressed Air Driven Models
Gasoline Motors
Steam Power Plants
World's Model Flying Records
Dictionary of Aeronautical Terms

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I decided to find out more about Miss E.L. Todd: Emma Lillian Todd (1865–1937), from Washington DC and New York city, was "a self-taught inventor who grew up with a love for mechanical devices." The world's first female airplane designer, Ms Todd attracted national attention in 1906 when she exhibited one of her aircraft at the Aero Club of America show in New York [image003 above]. She established the Junior Aero Club of America in 1907, hoping to inspire the next generation of airplane designers. Apparently it was her intention to "lecture every Saturday afternoon at her ofice, demonstrating the problems of aeroplane construction". By 1909 the Club had been reorganised, as Ms Todd was now working full-time on the build of her latest plane [image004]. Didier Masson, the pioneering French aviator, test-piloted the plane on November 8 1910. (Thank you to Pit, Wikipedia and the AMA History Program for the background info. Photo source: Library of Congress, LC-USZ62-74118 & LC-USZ62-15081)
Mary - 20/07/2016
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