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Patent: Model Airplane Kit [Foam tray glider]

Patent: Model Airplane Kit [Foam tray glider] - cover thumbnail  

"The model airplane kit of this invention includes components to build a well flying model airplane from food trays commonly used to display meat or produce or other food items in a grocery store and generally discarded afterwards."

Patent: Model Airplane Kit [Foam tray glider]
US No. 6,089,940
Rodney K. Farrar
July  2000
Patent, 10 pages

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About this title

Application for patent filed October 1 1997; patent granted July 18 2000.

"The kit of the present invention enables children and adults to easily make a well-flying model airplane using recycled plastic foam moldings such as polystyrene food trays, well known as 10-S in the food packaging arts."

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Patent: Model Airplane Kit [Foam tray glider]
Submission date: 30/12/2015
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User comments:

The foam tray glider is especially for you, Mary. This is the next step after paper airplanes. When I was a child in the '70s and the first foam trays appeared, I deduced that they could be used for small models and I made a lot of them. Great flyers, my mother always saved the trays for me.
Pit - 30/12/2015
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