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"1974 will probably go into the annals of aeromodelling history as one of the most memorable. Kind weather favoured all the major rallies and the hobby engaged itself in a boom that still astounds the trade in its incredible rise in turnover."

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Aeromodeller Annual 1974-75
AeroModeller Annual
R.G. Moulton (Ed.)
Model & Allied Publications Ltd., Hemel Hempstead
Book, 74 pages

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About this title

Fantastic collection of international designs, information and articles compiled by Ron Moulton.

"A review of the year's aeromodelling throughout the world in theory and practice: together with useful data and authoritative articles produced by staff and contributors of the AEROMODELLER"

INTRODUCTION; PRACTICAL DUCTED FANS - Marcus Norman, U.K.; EPEE, 41 in. Ducted Fan R/C - Marcus Norman, U.K.; POCO-P, "Pennyplane" simple indoor - Al Riches, Canada; DASH-DIP, Rubber Speed Model - Charlie Scotch, U.S.A.; FLYING OCTAGONS, Anything'll Fly with Power - Ted Maciag, U.S.A.; OTTOTHEGIRO, Control Line for .29-.35 engines - Dick Mathis, U.S.A.; BUBBLE MACHINE, Thermal Seeker - Ron Coleman, U.K.; ENGINE EQUIVALENT TABLE Cu. ins to cc; VERONICA-73 6th in World Championship Rubber 1973 - Hugo Benedini, Argentina; BEAU COUPE Coupe d'Hiver Rubber - Bob White, U.S.A.; GIRAFF, F.A.I. Sailplane - Olle Sandhal, Sweden; PLURABELLE 2, F.I.C. Free Flight Power - Urs Schaller, Switzerland; JACK, Combat for 2.5-3.5 cc engines - Bo Gardstad, Sweden; EVG 1272, A/2 Glider World Champion 1973 - Valeri G. Ektenkov, U.S.S.R.; WORLD CHAMPION 73, Wakefield, 2nd time a champ - Joachim Loffler, E. Germany; FORTY YEARS ON, U.S.A. Pioneer Reunion; BIG BOY II, F.A.I. World Champion Free Flight Power 1973 - Vaclav Horcicka, Austria; EURO-207-MT, A/2 Glider, 2nd in Spanish Champs '73 - Jesus Lopez, Spain ; PEANUT PITTS, Scale Indoor - Bill Hannan, U.S.A. ; PEANUT SCALE, Growing Class for indoor - Bill Hannan, U.S.A. ; 1910 FARMAN, 13 in. Indoor Scale - Bill Hannan, U.S.A.; BEDE BD4, 13 in. Indoor Scale - Bill Hannan, U.S.A.; WRIGHT "L" LIGHT SCOUT, 13 in. Indoor Biplane - Fred Weitzel, U.S.A.; VEGA, Czechoslovakian A/2 Glider Champion 1973, 2nd in World Championship - V. Krejcirik, Czechoslovakia; TRUCAVOIR, A/1 Glider All Sheet Wing and Tail - Guy Cognet, France; SWINGER, F.A.I. Free Flight Power uses Swing Wing Trim - Tom McLaughlan U.S.A.; DANISH CHALLENGE F.A.I. Combat at British 1974 Nats - John Mau & Jorn Rasmussen, Denmark; A SIMPLE BEARING INDICATOR, Which way did it go? - P. A. Scorey, U.K.; DELFIN III, F.A.I. Team Racer for 2.5 cc engines - G. Pulido, Spain; ZRALOK SPECIAL, Control Line Stunt for .35 engines - Ivan Cani, Czechoslovakia ; AERODYNAMICS FOR AEROMODELLERS, Glider airfoils, Theory and Practice - Hugo van Eysselsteyn Kummer, U.K.; NIETOPERZ, Swept Wing Free Flight F.I.C. - Wieslaw Czajor, Poland; LIBELLE-4, Rubber powered record Helicopter - P. Motekaitis, U.S.S.R.; BOOMERANG, Free Flight 1/2A Helicopter by Earl Thompson, U.S.A.; GADJET 100, 1974 Coupe d'Hiver International Winner by Andre Meritte France ; V.I.T., V.I.W., Coupe d'Hiver Tips - Ron Coleman, U.K.; FAST BURNING FUSE, for V.I.T. etc. - Ron Coleman, U.K.; LITTLE WHISTLER, Beginners hand launch Glider - George Perryman, U.S.A.

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