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"We open with a rather personal feature. When it came to us, in two parts from two Continents, we thought that it reflected the true spirit of Aeromodelling and illustrates how enthusiasm is so infectious and knows no boundaries. And with that happy thought we wish all aeromodellers happy landings and many hours of enjoyment browsing through our selection of the year's most interesting designs."

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Aeromodeller Annual 1973-74
AeroModeller Annual
R.G. Moulton (Ed.)
Model & Allied Publications Ltd., Hemel Hempstead
Book, 75 pages

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About this title

Wonderfully international collection of designs, information and articles compiled by Ron Moulton.

"A review of the year's aeromodelling throughout the world in theory and practice: together with useful data and authoritative articles produced by staff and contributors of the AEROMODELLER"

1972 CHAMPS MODEL Indoor F.A.I - Jaroslav Jirasky, Czechoslovakia
POCO 'B', low ceiling gym flier - Al Riches, Canada
TYROMIN I, Indoor tissue covered - E. M. Johnson, U.S.A.
SUSPENSE III F.A.I. Power - Henry Spence, U.S.A.
SUPER SWEEP, High performance indoor glider - Ron Wittman, U.S.A.
PIETENPOL AIRCAMPER, Peanut scale - Bob Peck, U.S.A.
AMPHORA, Fowler flapped Wakefield - J. Oschatz, Hungary
COUPE D'HIVER BIPLANE, variable area - J. Griveau, France
HALCON A/2, glider - Buenaventura Font, Spain
FOKA II A/I, Glider - Jerzy Kaczorek, Poland
Two WINGS FOR ALL, Biplane stunt - Gianni Loffredo, Italy
COMBI, Hydro or Land plane C/L - Japanese modeller
RATAVULOIRA, Delta combat - Olimpio Torchio, Italy
SPLITTER F.A.I., Combat - Sven Pontan, Sweden
MIUCH II, Combat in Foam Plastic - F. Zanzara, Italy
SIROCO, Novices glider - Modelhob, Spain
HELIOS, Wakefield - Andrezeja Szynaki, Poland
LA BETE, Coupe d'Hiver - Pierre Serres, France
KARBUNKLE XIV F.A.I., Team Racer - Nore & Ekholm, Finland
F.A.I. CLASS TEAM RACING - a staff survey
A BALSA BALANCE - Ron Coleman, U.K.
SOLID GOLD, Chuck Glider - John Hanlon, U.K.
PETREL 40 R/C Seaplane - S. Tangiku, Japan
SU-RI A/2 Glider - Johan Ployer, W. Germany
LLEVAT A/2 Glider - M. Torres, Spain
TOW HOOK DEVICES, new glider attachments - Denmark & U.S.S.R.
SVEN GRONLUND'S A/2 glider - Sweden
FAI-HAI A/2 Glider - Pekka Aisala, Finland
SNOOPER ½ A Combat - Jari Tarvainen, Sweden
MODEL MAKING SHOP, Room in the roof - Design Centre
OLD IRONSIDES, Jet speed - Jerry Thomas, U.S.A.
F.A.I. SPEED, Championships C/L speedster - Carlo Ricci, Italy
ALTAIR, Speed C/L Trainer - Pierangelo Cerva, Italy
WINDER F.A.I., Combat - Sven Potan, Sweden
IRONMONGER F.A.I., Combat - Richard Evans, U.K.
AUSTRALIAN CHUCKIE, Chuck glider - Peter Nitschke, Australia
T.A.B. Tandem Aerofoil Boat from W. Germany - H. J. Meier
EYEBALL, A/I Glider - J. Ensoll, New Zealand
KLASSE FIC F.A.I. POWER - Helmut Clement, E. Germany
DYZIO F.A.I., Power - Jerzy Kaczorek, Poland
LITTLE HOPPER 1A Power - Bill Van Dieren, Canada
GEODETIKA, Rocket glider - V. Horvat, Yugoslavia
AUTO-GYRO FX-2, Experimental R/C - G. Faux, France
KARASU CROW Bird-like R/C glider - Totsu, Japan
FLIPPER R/C, Power assisted glider - J. C. S. Domenech, Spain
ATLAS AIRCOMET R/C, Power assisted glider - A. Kudo, Japan
MAXI 71 R/C, Power assisted glider - Wieslaw Czajor, Poland
FARMAN BOMBER, Japanese semi-scale R/C
EXCALIBUR X ½A, Power with V.I.T. - Hans Lindholm, Sweden
CIRANO 2.5 c.c. C/L, stunt - Modelhob, Spain
BABY- DART, Simple rubber model - Fred Reese, U.S.A.
HORTEN III, Scale tailless glider - Klaus Nietzer, W. Germany

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Oh those were the days! Building my balsa wood planes, covering them with tissue, and then doping it, whilst sniffing in the vapours.
John Howard - 25/04/2023
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