Basics of Aeromodelling (RCL#1106)

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"Building models to fly need not be enormously expensive - a lot of enjoyment, not to mention knowledge, can be obtained with a couple of sheets of ordinary copy or typing paper and a length of kebab skewer."

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Basics of Aeromodelling
Vic Smeed
Nexus Special Interests Ltd, Herts.
Book, 37 pages

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About this title

"Aeromodelling is now such a vast, many faceted pursuit that it is virtually impossible to cover every aspect in detail in one book. This one seeks to set newcomers off on the right foot, whichever type of model they will ultimately favour."

About models
Tools and materials
Paper and chuck gliders
Traditional construction
Covering and finishing
Trimming and flying
Radio Contol

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Basics of Aeromodelling
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