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"I have just completed the reading of your first issue. My congratulations on a job well done. With the growth of our wonderful hobby, it is most fitting that we should have a magazine devoted exclusively to radio control. Keep up the good work, and good luck."

About this Title

RCM 1963/12 December
Don Dewey (Ed.)
R/C Modeler Corp., California
December  1963
Magazine, 41 pages

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About this title

RCM Volume 1, Number 3.

Guest editorialist: Paul Runge, publisher of Grid Leaks Magazine, "one of the finest magazines dedicated exclusively to radio control."

The Nova - Meade Hallock
Blueprint for Beginners - Ken Willard
The Torero - Willie Smith
Space Control Modifications - D.D. Foss
Internats Data Sheets - Harry Brooks

Editor's Memo
Dear RCM
Bench Bits
RCM Interview
Showcase '63
Tach Talk
Reader Service

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This issue was a real classic. I built the Nova, easy to build and flew well. Unfortunately, mine didn't last long because I had the latest and greatest in single channel radio gear, an all transistor Controlaire Mule transmitter, a Controlaire superhet receiver and two Royal single channel servos, one for the rudder and the other linked to the throttle. My McCoy 19 ran well but contributed to the demise of the Nova because of vibration induced RF noise from the throttle linkage. Nobody knew there was such a thing with previous super regen receivers as they weren't sensitive to noise like my state of the art superhet. Nylon clevis hardware appeared later after all the unexplained crashes but it was too late for my Nova. My next model cured the problem with a clevis made from a toothbrush handle connected to the McCoy... In another part of the issue was the Torero, essentially a twin tail Stormer, flew well for one of our club members until he was unable to recover from a spin. Yep, right into the ground....
DougSmith - 12/12/2015
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