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"Don't let the word 'design' scare you. Anyone can learn to draw if he is willing to practice - and designing is nothing more than drawing with a purpose. The fact that you never learned to draw doesn't mean you can't."

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Designing, Modelling, Building a Model Automobile
Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild
General Motors, Detroit, Michigan
Book, 20 pages

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About this title

"Cars of Tomorrow by Boys of Today"

Learning to Design a Car
How to Make a Clay Model
How to Make a Wood Model
Casting a Model Car in Plaster
Attaching Wheels
Headlights and Tail Lights
Painting Your Model Car
Shipping Your Model
National Award Winners

Additional file: Guildsman 1996 (Volume 14, No. 1) - coverage of the 1966 Guild Convention & Design Specifications 1966-67

"The Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild was an automobile design competition sponsored by US car company General Motors. Boys aged 11-19 were challenged to design and build a model of their own idea for a future car. The competition, conducted annually from 1938-1968, gave boys the opportunity to express their imagination, design talent, technical skills and, most importantly, their creative ingenuity in the design and building of a model car. The prizes for the winners were substantial - cash awards for State Winners and college scholarships for National Winners.

By 1968, when the Craftsman’s Guild was concluded, over 8.7 million youths had enrolled over the life of the competition, millions of dollars in Awards had been given and many lives had been touched. Young men learned that perseverance was essential and that hard work paid off. They enjoyed a sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from a constructive and positive activity – plus the joy of working with their hands and mind to create their very own design."

Background info thanks to the General Motors Heritage Center website

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Designing, Modelling, Building a Model Automobile
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Just added an additional file: Guildsman 1996 (Volume 14, No. 1), which includes coverage of the 1966 Guild Convention and the competition design specifications 1966-67. Thanks to Pit.
Mary - 09/12/2015
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