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"When word filtered through from Tokyo that Dallas B. Sherman, the poppa of Pan American World Airway's PAA-Load event, had designed a model for the '51 payload competitions, great interest was evidenced over what 'ole DB' had produced. Here is the outstanding PAA-Load design by the man who dreamed up the event."

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Air Trails: Classic Flying Models Fall 1979
Air Trails
Michael O'Leary (Ed.)
Challenge Publications Inc.
Book, 90 pages

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About this title

The Fall 1979 edition (Volume 3/ Number 3) of a short-lived series issued in the 1970s and 1980s. Published quarterly, each edition is a compendium of earlier articles from Air Trails magazine.

"100 Pages of Nostalgic Flying Models"

Bonanza – Scott, Smith Special – Smith, Mr Palmer’s ‘Smoothie’ Stunter – Palmer, Texas A&M’s AG-1 – Palanek, Quarter-Scale Collection – Staff, Macchi MB-308 – Russo, Ornamental Ventura – Albert, Little Sport – Miller, Speed Pointers – Stevenson, Smoothie – Cole, Otter – Karlstrom, Glory-Bell – Oldershaw, Globe Swift – Noonan, Mite – Ortof, Airhopper – Orzegk, Perky – Old-Timer, Hawker Hunter – Karlstrom, Nightmare – Casano, XF-92A – Mosher, Kit Review – Staff, Spruce Up! – Smith, Experimental ‘Wing’ – Schoenfeld, Circle 30 – Staff, 1947 Nationals – Staff, Air Model Design Competition – Staff, Clipper Chisai – Sherman, Mini-Speedster – Staff, Sketchbook – Staff, Little Twister – Ehling, Ercoupe – Thomas, Air Youth Glider No. 2- Tyler, Curtiss XPW-8 – Frake, Performance Plus! - Cole

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