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"Scale models possess a fascination which is entirely their own. The modern jet aircraft with its clean, stream-lined shape provides a wealth of inspiration for the modeller. And models of the older type of aircraft recall to the air-minded the spirit and thrill of the earlier efforts of man in his conquest of the air."

About this Title

Aircraft in Miniature
W. O. Doylend
Model Aeronautical Press Ltd, Watford
Book, 65 pages

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About this title

Quote: "If anyone doubts their ability to undertake this hobby let them read this book, when all will be clear. This volume is, in itself, a work of art, beautifully presented in text and illustration, covering every aspect of modelling aircraft in miniature."

introduction to a Hobby
Making a Start
Cockpits, Cabins and Gun Turrets
Mainplanes and Tail Surfaces
Assembling Fuselages, Mainplanes and Tail Surfaces
Engine Nacelles and Engines
Hulls and Floats
Details and Accessories
Special Applications
Painting and Lettering

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Aircraft in Miniature
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