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RM Singlet Set

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"In designing this transmitter, the aim has been to produce a unit which is simple to construct, has a high R.F. output, and takes advantage of the latest developments in high frequency transistor manufacturing techniques."

RM Singlet Set
Paul Newell
Radio Modeller Book Division
Book, 17 pages

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About this title

Part of the RM Booklet Series.

Detailed and highly informative little booklet covering all aspects of the RM Singlet Set, including the single channel Singlet transmitter itself; a super-regen receiver in relayless or relay versions; and the Singlet superhet receiver. Clear instructions are given for construction, installation and trouble-shooting. Well illustrated in black and white.

Direct submission to RCLibrary.


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RM Singlet Set
Submission date: 30/11/2015
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User comments:

Can anyone help us date this booklet?
Mary - 30/11/2015
The book was reviewed in Radio Constructor in June 1971. I think decimalisation was Feb 1971, so the book was published sometime between those dates.
DannyB - 30/11/2015
I think Paul Newell is still around, in 2008 he said that some years after this booklet he wrote the first edition of 'Theory and practice of model radio control'. Here's Paul's comment in 2008: "I well remember the early copies of RCM&E. I was always an aeromodeller, competition free flight with moderate success but R/C took me into an electronics career. Working with Dave Hughes and Norman Butcher at 'Radio Modeller', I designed the 'Singlet' single channel outfit which was kitted through the local model shop in Woking. Later I wrote a book 'Theory and Practice of Model Radio Control' which was published by RM in the 1970s. The 'Microtrol' homebuilt proportional outfit descibed was kitted by a number of suppliers. Many of the illustrations in the book were prepared by Peter Holland, a former editor of your magazine. I also designed receivers for 'Climax' in Weybridge and eventually set up an industrial electronics company with Peter Cabrol, one of the directors of the company producing Climax. RM also published some of my model designs and these can still be found in the X-List Plans directory..."
Pit - 01/12/2015
Just came across your website whilst trying to date an event in the history of radio control. As the author of the 'Singlet' book published by RM Books I will try to help with dating information. The book was a reprint of a series of articles in Radio Modeller magazine and was published when back copies of the magazine sold out. Unfortunately RM Books omitted to date the reprint book. As best I can recall, the articles first appeared around the mid 1960s and I would date the booklet to the late 1960s or possibly just into the 1970s. Hope this is of interest.
PaulNewell - 16/04/2016
Thanks for getting touch, Paul. It's exciting to hear from one of 'our' authors! Your background info definitely helps date the book. As an author, I hope you like what we're doing here on RCLibrary. We want to keep these old titles - and the knowledge they contain - in circulation for as long as possible, accessible to as many people as possible.
Mary - 16/04/2016
Hi Mary, I've seen Paul Newell reached your site. Concerning his Singlet booklet, I checked on my archive and I found two Radio Modeller plan book and buyer guides. One is from 1972 and the Singlet booklet is advertised, the second has no date but is prior to 1972 (price indicated is 4/-). In this booklet is advertised the singlet construction articles sold as stapled reprint pages of original magazine's articles. Reprint of the complete feature price was 3s, reprint price of the transmitter article only was 1s. Also in Aeromodeller magazine, it was possible to buy a stapled reprint of pages of radio control constructional articles.
Pit - 21/04/2016
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