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"Aeromodelling, believe it or not, goes back further than man-carrying flight - the first successful flight by a powered model took place in 1848, and by a piloted aeroplane in 1903. The 1848 model used a steam engine, and in 1871 a Frenchman successfully flew a rubber-powered model of surprisingly advanced design."

About this Title

Vic Smeed
W & G Foyle Limited
Book, 47 pages

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About this title

Quote: "This new book on the subject of model aeroplane construction is a practical introduction offering four or five models of various basic types which can be built simply from the drawings and instructions in the book. Author Vic Smeed is one of the best-known designers and writers on model subjects."

Aeromodelling Then and Now
What to Use
Rubber Models
Power Models
Control Line Models
Covering and Doping
Radio Control

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This book is a treasure for me because it has Vic's autograph. He sent it to me way back in 1965!! When I was starting my aeromodelling career I subscribed to Aeromodeller. After a few years, and after building and flying several of his fantastic models I decided to write to him because at that time (1965) he published this book from another company (Foyles) and not by MAP so I did not know where to order a copy [Eduardo is from Colombia]. He graciously offered me to buy one for me and send it via Air Mail. I sent him the money and he autographed it before he mailed it!!! It was a wonderful surprise. I have very carefully kept this book with my most dearest objects.
Edubarca - 18/11/2015
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