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Sailplane and Soaring Manual

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"What you really need is step-by-step information in one place which, if followed, will lead to achievement of a specific goal. This book can be your step-by-step guide into the wonderful world of soaring."

Sailplane and Soaring Manual
RCM Anthology Library
Al Doig
R/C Modeler Corporation, California
Book, 140 pages

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About this title

First printed in 1981, this is the 1984 revised edition of Al Doig's classic book. Part of the RCM Anthology Library Series.
Many thanks to everyone who sent us a copy of this title!

Chapter I - An Introduction To Radio Controlled Model Soaring
Chapter II - About the Types of Sailplanes
Chapter III - Selection of the First Soaring Systems Olympic 650 Plans
Chapter IV - Building the Olympic 650: Tools Required; Materials Required; Material Preparation; Fuselage Construction; Stabilizer Construction; Rudder/Fin Construction; Wing Construction
Chapter V - Installation of Hardware and Radio in the Olympic 650 Sailplane: Hinge Installation; Tail Installation; Servo Mounting; Switch Mounting; Receiver Mounting; Tow Hook Installation; Tailskid Installation; Control Surface Check; Disassembly
Chapter VI - Covering the Olympic 650: Setting the Iron Temperature Control; Covering
Chapter VII - Final Assembly and Balancing: Skid Installation; Tailskid Installation; Tow Hook Installation; Hinge Installation; Tail Installation; Pushrod Installation; Wing Hold-Down Dowel Installation; Radio Installation; Balancing the Olympic 650; Final Checks
Chapter VIII - Alternate Construction — Electric and Glow Engine Powered Models: Electric Power System; Glow Engine Powered Version; 2 Meter Wingspan Version
Chapter IX - Basic Aerodynamics: The Forces in Flight; How a Wing Lifts; How Airfoil Lift Can Be Varied; Center of Pressure; Wing Stabilization; Rudder Action; Maximum Glide Angle vs Minimum Sink Rate of Sailplanes; Flaps; Spoilers; Trimming an R/C Sailplane; Adding Weight to a Sailplane to Improve Its Performance
Chapter X - Launching Equipment: The Hi-Start; Electric Winches; Building an Electric Winch
Chapter XI - Testing, Trimming, and Flying Your Sailplane: Glide Tests; Hand Gliding; On a Little Slope; Launching With a Hi-Start; Thermal Flying; Thermal Sensors; Slope Flying; Glow Engine Version Flights; Electric Power Version Flights
Chapter XII


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