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"The basic urge to create a graceful structure capable of winging off into the high blue sky on its own power remains unchanged. The satisfactions of craftsmanship, the companionships of the flying field, the excitement of experimentation, and the challenge of competition still intrigue the active mind."

About this Title

How to Design & Build Flying Models
Keith Laumer
Robert Hale Ltd
Book, 120 pages

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About this title

2nd edition of Laumer's book, originally published 1960. This pdf version was created in August 2015 by Minze Zwerver, using text and images from the HTML pages on Outerzone at (see his preface on page vii).

Covers all phases of model building, using clear drawings. Complete plans and instructions are given for a free-flight model and a control model. The assembly in one volume of authoritative information on design and construction will be invaluable to youngsters who through model building acquire their first practical knowledge of aerodynamics. Keith Laumer served in the U.S. Air Force from 1953-56, and later with the Foreign Service. He has made model aircraft since boyhood.

Foreword(s) & preface
What shall I build?
Materials for modelers
Engines, accessories, and gimmicks
Equipping your shop
Building your model
Covering and finishing
Getting aloft
Rebuilding a wreck
Retract that gear!
Building Push-Up - a free-flight sport model
Building Flea-Whiz - a control-line sport model
Designing your own

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