How to Get Started in Model Building and Flying (RCL#1048)

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"The beginning for each new builder has always been hard. There are too many things to find the answer to, and too few to give the advice that is needed. We feel the information, data, drawing and designs contained herein will fill much of the new builder's quest for this needed knowledge"

About this Title

How to Get Started in Model Building and Flying
Don McGovern, Walter Holze & George Weaver (Eds)
Harle Publications, Inc, New York
Book, 76 pages

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About this title

Comprehensive reference manual from the people behind Flying Models magazine.
Quote: "55 features cover the field, from the most elementary glider and its structural details, to the beginnings of radio control. As many subjects as possible have been covered and profusely illustrated. No one book can cover everything, but we do feel that most of the major trouble spots in each new builder's career are dealt with in detail."

Getting Started in Model Building — Basic Glider Design and Assembly
Car-A-Baby Glider Design
Model Building Material Data
Buying Balsa
Scaling Up Plans Data
Serpent Rubber Powered Pusher Design
Midgie — Rubber Powered Trainer Illustrated
Warp Free Wings
Building Better Fuselages
Float Types
Infant Sportster Designs
How to Cover that Plane
Tips on Covering
Oh-Tu Free-flight Design
Leprechaun Rubber Contest Trainer
The Finishing Touch
Indoor Glider Three-View — Flight Pattern
Jetex Power
Joy-Stick Basic Rubber Powered All-Balsa
Blow-Torch Twin Boom Jetex Design
Floater Jetex Powered Glider Design
Apparition Jetex Powered Flying Wing
Experimental Canards
The Killer Combat Controline Design
The Controline System
Controline System Data
Easy Controline Stunt Design
Zogling Scale Towline Glider Trainer
Design Fundamentals of Towline Gliders
Design Layout for Rubber Powered Models
Designing your own Free-Flight
PAA-load Planforms Design Sheet
Design Fundamentals of Controline Models
Controline Stunt Design Sheet
Controline Speed Models Design Sheet
Spinner Hand Launch Glider Designs
Straighten Up and Fly Right
Rubber Winder Details — Whatsit; Wingmaster; Seek; Nordic A/2; Mantis Three Views
Little Louie Free-flight Design
Prescription for Free-flight Maladies
Facts to Know about Gas Model Propellers
Dude Team Racer Design
How To Bend Metal—How To Build A Field Box
Roto-Rocket; Eyedropper Tanks; Tailless Terror
Miss FM Design and Step-by-Step Assembly
Successful A/2


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