A-justo-jig wing jig Manual (RCL#1044)

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"As with any tool, the more you use it, the better work you can do. Think everything out carefully. Be a good mechanic."

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A-justo-jig wing jig Manual
A-justo-jig Co, Indiana
Other, 9 pages

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About this title

Very useful instruction manual for the A-justo-jig wing jig, designed and patented by Lowell Evans in the 1970s.
Manual includes list of parts, assembly details & instructions for use: unusual designs, mounting on the jig, unusual cases, gliders.

According to the original advertising: "Whether you consider yourself a novice or an expert model builder, the A-Justo-Jig will improve your aircraft construction ... and save you valuable time in the bargain!"


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A-justo-jig wing jig Manual
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