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"It has long been this writer’s opinion that the ideal combination for the newcomer to R/C would be a ship that could be built in one weekend at a minimum of expense, that would be inherently much stronger than the average model, and that would utilize a maximum of six channels of control. The Royal Coachman is all of these things"

About this Title

RCM 1965/06 June
Don Dewey (Ed)
Radio Control Modeler Corp.
June  1965
Magazine, 50 pages

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About this title

RCM Volume 2, Number 7

An Approach to Flying Proportional Part III - Cliff Weirick
The Box - Cdr Lou Guerrieri, USN
RCM's Field Strength Meter
Royal Coachman - Don Dewey
RCM's Superhet Monitor
First NMPR. Sanction - Denight Special Tops Field of 18
Orbit 3 + 1 Proportional (RCM Product Report) - Don Mathes
Modifying the Sampey 404 - H E Woodruff
S.T.O.L. R/C Design - Carlos G Fondren
On Polystyrene - Robert Lien MD & Stan John
RCM Visits OS - Bill Weaver
The Case Against Automatic Charging - Bob Koski

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