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"This book hopes to guide the hand and imagination of those who appreciate the beauty of craftsmanship and the wonder of flight. Years of study have proportioned the planes within these covers – long and persistent application have drawn the lines true and the curves artful"

About this Title

Air Age Gas Models
Air Age Inc, New York
Book, 146 pages

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About this title

A collection of 21 outstanding gas models of all classes and types – A, B, C, Control Line, Tailless – designed by America’s top-ranking modelers. Also, instructive articles, charts and diagrams to aid the gas model enthusiast.

Gas Models:
The KG Lives Again - Henry Struck
Fokker D-8 Contest Scale - Earl Stahl
Army 'Grasshopper' - Sidney Struhl
The 'Answer' for Gas Fans - Gordon Murray
The Winged Yankee - Sal Taibi
The G.E. 'Cabinette' - Frank Ehling
Controlled Lightning - William B. Schwab
Gas Model Army Scout - Sidney Struhl
A Record Breaking Gas Model - Chester Lanzo
How to Build a Universal One Wheeler - Leon Shulman
How to Build a Three-Foot Gas Model - Malcolm J, Abzug
Meteor on Wings - Sal Taibi
The Gas 'Champ' - Russell Simmons
The Skyscraper - Leon Shulman
A Four-Foot Westerner - Elbert J.Weathers
Building the Powerhouse - Sal Taibi
An Ercoupe from Lilliput - Sydney Struhl
Timers Nightmare - Frank Ehling
Building the Hornet - Sal Taibi
Bird Wing Gas Model - Geo. Evalenko
The Nationals Winning Pacer - Sal Taibi
Victory Tailless - Francis P. Conant

Articles & Charts:
Ways and Means of Gas Model Success – Joseph Kovel
Model Airplane Engine Directory
Ellipse Area Chart
Wiring System Diagram
Have You Discovered Crinoline? – Elbert J. Weathers
A Single Blade Free-Wheeling Prop – Donald Mertens
Tricky ‘Props’ for Flighty Ships – Dick Everett & Vernon Boehle
Does Aspect Ration Increase Duration – George H. Tweeney
Gas Model Wing Loadings Chart
Stepping Up Your Power – Sydney Struhl & Chester Greenberg
Taming Balky Motors – Hershel Tumim
NACA Airfoil Sections
Gas Model Performance Chart
A True Pitch ‘Gas Prop’ – H.A. Thomas
Plotting Sections the Easy Way – Christian Dean Berger
Design for Performance – Roy Marquardt
Grant Airfoil Sections
Howe to Put ‘Revs’ into Your Gas Motor – Frank Tlush
A Gas Model Range Finder – Elbert J. Weathers
Bring Them Down Safely! – Carl Goldberg

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While perusing Carl Goldberg's article Bring Them Down Safely in Air Age Gas Models, the young modeler who volunteered his Interceptor to demonstrate the dethermalizer, Hershey Goldenberg, was my dad. Although my dad is long gone, seeing him brought a great big smile to my face. Thanks so much for the memories!
JeffGoldenberg - 16/11/2015
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